Effective Strategies to Overcome Writers Block

Writer’s block is a state of mind when writers feel they can not write.  Almost all the writers face this condition, at a certain level specially towards the start of their journey.

Just like any other behavior there are proven ways to overcome this strategy, as human behavior is controlled by mind and body together.  It is trainable habit forming and can over come timely problem by regular exercise or self-therapy.

Writers block can happen because of various behavioral or mental state of a person and sometimes it can be a combination of both also.

It can be because of a change in schedule and lots of other reasons.  Following are some of the strategies to overcome this block.

1.  Time To Write

To overcome your writers block,  make an schedule for your writing time and at that time you have to write, even when you have the writers block.  Make it same place, same equipment and same time.  If you are not able to write at all, just write any thing you can think .  Eventually in few minutes you will warm up to write.

2.  Turn Off Your Critical Brain

Do not be too hard on yourself.  Your critical self will not let you overcome the block.  Freedom of action, a liberating mind and a sense of comfort and happiness will help you break the block.

3.  Prioritize Writing As A Job

Jobs are to be done to go on with life in a successful way.  Writing is a kind of physical activity and you are a craftsman of your writing.  Prioritizing  your writing is a problem solving strategy and it will help you eliminate the problem of writer’s block.

4.  Give Yourself A Well Deserved Break From Writing.

After a big project give yourself a break.  If you have achieved a certain goal in your writing or finished a long project, a break is due and it is very fair to avail this break.  After the break start writing by coming to your writing area and writing as scheduled, same time same place and same equipment and make sure there are no distractions.

5.  Make Effective And Fair Dead Lines For Your On going Projects

Since you want to feel yourself in control and able to write as much as you need, let your action control your mind.  A writing friend, a writing group or a writing class where you may keep track of each others progress is a good idea to keep track of your writing progress that will help you to eliminate writers block.  It can be effective peer pressure or guidance whatever works for you.

6.  Set Deadlines And Meet Them

Use the power of positive thinking and overcome the writers block and decide to meet the deadlines of all your writing projects with the same force that you had imagined you can work with.  If you ever fail doing this, try finding a writer friend who can  work with your deadlines.  A writers group can also be effective to enforce this strategy.  Online social media can become great support in this regard too.

7.  Examine Deep Rooted Issues

Overcome your anxieties and fears.  Become your own therapist as this is an artist’s way to handle strategies.  Studying the life of other writers can provide you an insight to follow your professional skill of writing.  Therapist that specialize in writer’s block can also help.

8. Work On More Than One Project At One time

While trying to overcome writers block work on few projects at one time and switch back and forth in between projects.  This will take away the boredom or monotony of working with the same feelings  and  same words.

9.  Try Writing Exercises To Get Rid Off Writer’s Block

Write on any topic that feels good and get warmed up naturally as a professional writer.  This is very effective and natural way of getting rid off the writer’s block,

10.  Reconsider Your Writing Area

Have a look at your writing area.  Is it comfortable for you.  You have everything you need around you.  Are you very close to any object that distracts you?  sometimes little things can make a big difference.  If this can help you to write without any blocks it is worth looking into.

11.  Keep Your Final Goal In Mind

This is very important and works all the time.  Once you have conditioned your mind to get your goal, you will be inclined to write naturally and mind will control writer’s block as it wants to work with your goal to become a professional writer.  Read your goal chart every time you sit to start writing and it will create a mind strengthening effect to remove the writer’s block.

12.  Figure Out And Condition Yourself  To Writing Without Any Blocks

Remember why you started to write in the first place and why are you still doing it ?  And if the answer is yes, then figure out what is stopping you to get  the writing block?  Think hard and fast and you will come up with some reasons.  Eliminate or substitute those reason to get rid of the writer’s block because you love writing.

Is this enough strategies that can stop your writers block for every day, writing your blog post, emails to the list promoting ads for your sites and connecting to social media.   Without a professional writing skill it is almost impossible to be an outstanding  entrepreneur online.  So sharpen your writing skills and give it all you got and be a winner.  You need your focus and your skill to work for you.  Once you have this,  the rest you can expand easily with your writing power to make money.