How Doing Everything Yourself is going to Get Nothing Done

What causes most businesses to fail is a leader who cannot let go; who cannot delegate and doesn’t trust others.

The same goes for people, most people fail because they don’t ask for help. They try to learn everything themselves and they block their opportunities by closing themselves in.

Other people can help you in a multitude of ways.
I want to share some with you, ways that have helped me and have made a difference in my life.

Your contacts are one of your most important assets.

I can proudly say that I have never been unemployed. Whenever I decided to change jobs, I let my friends know and they used their contacts to help me get new job offers.

I continuously get job offers from friends and their friends. I have been given many opportunities to grow by meeting new people and have started different projects with contacts.

Building a network will make a big difference in your life. Social media can make this even easier, using Facebook and LinkedIn keep you in touch with people you otherwise might not have time for. Emails are the best automation tool one has at their disposal.

Remember, the most important part of building a network is sustaining it.
I have a rule for myself;
“Call at least one friend (contact) every day and send one an email”

By doing this I keep my social life alive and keep my network strong.

This method was taught to me by Brian Tracy in his book “Maximum Achievement”.

Building a group of likeminded people, with complementary abilities and meeting once a month (for example) to discuss each other’s projects and give feedback, is a great method.

If you need help with marketing, you talk to the ones with marketing as a specialty, if your problem is with economics, talk to those people.

You will get feedback on your ideas, give feedback to others and know that no one in the group is going to steal your ideas or try to ruin your opportunities since you are all there to help each other improve as a group.

If you can successfully build a mastermind group, you can be sure of your coming success.

Friends – Support
Friends fill another role than just the shallow function of the network.
They are your support net. Are you in trouble, having problems, losing your way or your motivation, your friends will be there to pick up the slack and help you out.

Nothing can substitute having good friends.

Doing too much work yourself is a sure fire way to burn out.
Delegating tasks, outsourcing to others will save you time and in the long run money.

If you don’t have to focus on the smaller details of your business or your life you can focus on the larger questions.

One debate me and my wife always get into is the value of having a cleaning lady.
I consider paying 20-30 dollars/hour to have my house cleaned; giving me the time to work on other things (or relax) is worth the 20-30 dollars since when I work I make more per hour, so if I can skip 1 hour cleaning and work 1 extra hour, that is money in my pocket.

My wife doesn’t agree, so far she has won the discussions, but the war isn’t over!

The point is, can you delegate things you don’t necessarily have to do yourself to others who could even do it better. You can spend your time on more important tasks that can generate more money for you long term.

Action Exercises
1. Build your network
Either by using services such as LinkedIn or Facebook, or by calling a friend every day, make sure you sustain your network.

2. Delegate what you can
Take an inventory of everything you do in a day, is there anything you do that you don’t necessarily have to do yourself or that someone else can do better?
If you, try to find a way to delegate or outsource it to someone else ASAP.

3. Start building your mastermind group
Identify people you would like to have as a part of your group and then reach out to them. You will be surprised at how many will be willing to join, or work as a private mentor for you.