Cultural Fit

A collaborative list of corporate cultural traits

21 Alternatives To Cultural Fit

2019 Diversity in the Workplace

An independent D&I report on 10 companies from 10 countries


Highlighting inspiring Black designers in industries.

Culture Codes

Company culture decks aggregated all in one place

Culture Your Culture

Finally, the much needed step-by-step “how to” for culture

Diversify Tech

Resources for underrepresented people in tech 👩🏾‍💻

Diversity Avatars

Diversity avatar icons that celebrates humanity


Vetted and honest VC reviews for diverse founders


Discover unique Instagram users that share your interests

People Of Color In Tech

Interviews and articles by people of color in tech.


Pomello turns your Trello cards into Pomodoro® tasks.

Project Pegasus

Get intro’d to a vetted pool of angel investors.

Startup Culture

A book on how to create a company culture that rocks

Startup Pitch Decks

Real decks from real startups that raised over $400M

Tech Diversity Tuesdays

Everything about tech diversity in one weekly email

Techies Project

Comprehensive pictures of people who work in tech

The Culture Book

A practical guide to building incredible corporate cultures.


An online platform to help create & maintain an epic culture

Treehouse TalentPath

Create and retain diverse engineering talent


Discover diverse Twitter users & get more followers 🌈


Declarative performance for Kubernetes