Dank Mono

A typeface designed for coding aesthetes with modern displays in mind. Delightful ligatures and an italic variant and bold style.

The included character set includes latin uppercase and lowercase letters, all modifiers, and diacritics covering most European languages. Additionally it covers an exhaustive list of math symbols, the basic Greek glyphs, some terminal glyphs (e.g. unicode block symbols, shades, circles, arrows, and Powerline symbols)

Ligatures for 26 different code character combinations are included.

To date, the font is used by over 5,000 people, has been featured on ProductHunt, and has become well known in some communities since I started it as a hobbyist type design project in April 2018.

Originally this font was sold directly on dank.sh, but as the font matured and stopped changing, the maintenance burden of a custom site became too high; Only major issues are expected to be fixed in the font if found.

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