Dead startups don’t tweet

18 Alternatives To Deathwatch


Don’t die with secrets that need to be free


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Kin Calendar

The simple and connected calendar

Life Calendar

Your life in weeks


Startups created by ex-employees of top companies

OI Calendar

Encrypted, decentralized alternative to Google calendar


Brief Description of Phoenix software: Phoenix is a light platform that acts as a macOS and windows application manager and is scriptable with JavaScript. Read more about Phoenix.

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is a task and time management application for mobile devices.

Startup Cemetery

Learn why 100+ startups have failed

Startup Failures

Share your failures and learn from mistakes

Startup Graveyard

History shouldn’t have to repeat itself

Ten Years Ago

See what was happening on the internet ten years ago

The Google Cemetery

A list of dead Google products and why they died

The Tweet Hereafter

The last tweets of the deceased


Trail is a simple, smart checklist for service operations. It’s designed to guide teams through their day with repeat processes and automated integrations, delivering actions from finance through to compliance.


An app to remind you of death

Your Life In Weeks

A spreadsheet of your life inspired by Wait But Why