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22 Alternatives To Entrepreneur Tools

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EdisonPlan: Make your product speak for you. EdisonPlan is a powerful startup planning tool that makes your business win

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Interactive Storytelling from Netflix

TV shows where you choose what happens next 📺


A directory of the best free resources for creatives

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Netflix Party

Netflix Party is an extension for watching Netflix remotely with friends and family for movies nights with that long-distance special someone.

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A tiny app that sends you one startup quote a day.


An index of sites that help you discover resources

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A “choose your own adventure” story for startup founders


SuccessValley is an online Network Community focus on cultivating and sustaining a Network Community for students and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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A collection of PH’s most popular curated lists.

Watch by Facebook

“Facebook TV” has arrived. A new platform for shows. 📺