A simple, fun app to help you unlock culture through ongoing employee recognition & feedback. Hi5 helps managers get rich insights about team culture on a dashboard. Team members use a fun app to give feedback and recognition to peers.

Main Features are

  • Employee recognition
  • Employee engagement
  • Performance reviews
  • Notice board
  • Organogram
  • Surveys


  • Measure company culture
  • Measure employee performance & goals
  • Measure employee recognition
  • Get actionable company insights
  • Run pulse surveys
  • Communicate with co-workers
  • Recognition via Microsoft Teams
  • Recognition via WhatsApp

4 Alternatives To Hi5


15Five software elevates the performance and engagement of employees by consistently asking questions and starting the right conversations.

15Five Plus

Insights to manage, measure, and retain great employees.


50skills is a referral recruiting system enabling organizations to incentivize​ employees for referrals and hire better.


Employee vacation tracking system