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About LT Browser

LT Browser is an award winning Next-gen browser to build, test & debug mobile websites.
With LT Browser, you can see mobile view of website on different screen sizes and resolution. With over 50+ devices to choose from, mobile website test hasn’t been much easier. Use LT Browser and ensure that your website is mobile responsive. You can create your own custom devices and save it for the future use cases. Create new mobile, tablet or desktop devices and test website on various devices, screen resolution and perform screen resolution test for website on different screen sizes.

  • 50+ device resolutions
  • In-Built debugger
  • One click Google Lighthouse Performance Report
  • Side by side view-port comparison with sync scroll
  • Unlimited custom device resolutions
  • 14 days free trial
  • Network throttling
  • Full page screenshot and video recording
  • Integration with all team management softwares for fast bug reporting
  • Hot reloading

11 LT Browser Alternatives & Competitors



Ghostlab allows you to test out a newly developed website on a variety of browsers and mobile devices at the same time. To get started, simply drag the web address to the Ghostlab system and press the play button. Read more about Ghostlab.


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Online service for testing mobile and responsive websites in various device emulators.



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Responsive Website Test

Responsive Website Test

Test any website on desktop, mobile, and tablet

LT Browser Pros

Pretty awesome for mobile sites.

Give it a shot. Its is amazing for mobile sites. It is an amazing tool for testers and developers.

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