Learn to bootstrap profitable startups the 👨‍🎤indie way

22 Alternatives To MAKE Book

Affirm 2018

Create a poster that affirms your 2018 $$ Goal

Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet

An interactive Bootstrap 4 cheat sheet

Bootstrap Money

How much money can you make selling software?

Bootstrap Shuffle

Bootstrap builder for busy developers

Chargebee Time Machine

Test and visualise future subscription workflows

Company of One

A book on why staying small is the next big thing in biz

Cost of Living Calculator

City comparison tool to see how far your salary will go

Equity Calculator

Figure out what your equity is worth

Financial Independence Calculator

How early can you 🍹retire if you move to another place?

Financial Toolbelt

Powerful calculators that help you improve your finances

How to Be a Manager

The step-by-step guide for leading a team

Know Your Team

Tools and guides to help you become a better manager

Manager checklist

Cheatsheet of things every manager should do

Omni Calculator

Over 350 calculators in one place 🤓

Rental Cash Flow Calculator

Get a cash flow analysis for your rental property in 5 steps


The new, open source way to run a business online. Subscription billing, Self-service customer portal, service lifecycle management?

Submit Checklist

Checklist of directories to submit your startup

The Startup Checklist

25 steps to a scalable, high-growth business

Unit Converter

It’s More easy to covert the UNITS now with the APP


An all-in-one unit converter in 6 languages

What Is My Day Rate?

A simple tool to calculate your freelance rate