Product Disrupt

A design student’s list of resources to learn Product Design

17 Alternatives To Product Disrupt


Open repository of design systems & pattern libraries í

Atlassian Design

Design, develop, and deliver


Showcasing design intern portfolios at top tech companies

Design Principles

An open source repository of design principles and methods

Design Review Podcast

For the love of Design.

Design Systems Repo

A collection of design system examples and resources

Digital Behavioral Design

Human behavior is programmable. A book on product design.

InVision Design System Manager

Create and maintain your design system at scale.

Laws of UX

Key maxims that designers must consider when building UX

Lottie by Airbnb

Easily add high-quality animation to any native app

Mindful Design

Make better design decisions, for the good of your users.

Phase Magazine

Phase Magazine is here for designers to express ourselves 💌

Product Design Weekly

Digital product design newsletter

The DesignOps Handbook by InVision

Guide to understanding how DesignOps help design teams scale

Within Magazine

The source for design leaders