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Interviews with 25 startup founders

23 Alternatives To Startup Series eBook


A curated bookshelf (+100 books) made by entrepreneurs


A collection of free books for developers

Digital Bookshelf

20 essential books for product managers and designers

Dorm Room Tycoon

Podcast show that interviews influential innovators

Founder Books

Book recommendations from over 100 founders and makers

Four Hour Book Club

300+ Books recommended on the Tim Ferriss Show 📚


Curated videos from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs


Intranet solutions integrated with Office 365

Indie Hackers Community

Work together to build profitable businesses & side projects


Use stories to reinforce your brand


Free book featuring practical tips from top Product Managers

Mixergy Startup Stories

Learn from 1000+ interviews including the Product Hunt story


Shark Tank for Product Hunt. Get advice from real investors.

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Bite-sized learning cards for product managers

SoapBox Pro

An all in one app for managers 🚀

Startup Notes

Most actionable advice from each Startup School speaker

Startup Snapshot

Vivid behind-the-scenes startup stories, in photographs

The Product Book

How to become a great product manager

The Product-Led Growth Collective

Curated stories and advice from folks at top PLG companies

The Startup Book Club

Read the books most recommended by founders and pioneers.

Ways We Work

Interview series about how people work and stay inspired


Free database of books recommended by world-class people