The Careers of the Founders

A timeline of success & failures of remarkable entrepreneurs

20 Alternatives To The Careers of the Founders

A-List by AngelList

Hire top tech talent, first


Kickstarter for unique art!

Avee Player

Avee Music Player for Android

Career Cache

The best tools and resources to help you get a better job

Career Hacking for Millennials

Proven strategies for greater success in less time


Dentrix is a practice and office management software for Dentists.

Explore Startup Timelines

Timelines of Twitter, Pinterest, Slack & other startups

From Millions to Billions

What age did they make their first billion?

Google Art Palette

Unique color combinations, drawn from the world of art

HireClub Coaching

Career coaching to land your dream job

History Timeline

Who was alive, when, and where?

PathBase Explore

A beautiful, data-driven map of the world of careers. 🌏

Pure CSS Francine

HTML/CSS portrait in the style of an 18th century painting

Relativity of Time

What humans could do in 1s/min/h/week/month/year

The Speed of a Unicorn

See how long it took for startups to become unicorns 🦄


Get matched with jobs you want

Unicorn Republic

List of startups that evolved into $1 billion+ corporations

Visual Biographies

Timelines of amazing lives for visual learners


projectM is an LGPL’ed reimplementation of Milkdrop under OpenGL.