UX Design Weekly

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22 Alternatives To UX Design Weekly


Online proofing tools for marketing teams, graphic designers, printers, video makers and advertising agencies. Aproove streamlines review and approval of any file.

Basic Seed Deck

Very simple way to structure your seed deck


BeeFree is an all-in-one solution that works anywhere you are.

Checklist Design

The best UI and UX practices for production ready design.

DefeatBOCO - Research World

An immersive journey into what UX is and why it matters.

Design Tools Weekly

Design tools & guides on using them, sent to your 📨


Design amazing emails for Gmail with drag & drop editor.

Laws of UX

Key maxims that designers must consider when building UX

Product Disrupt

A design student’s list of resources to learn Product Design

Really Good UX

A library of screenshots for UX inspiration


Combined, automated inbox for email and app store reviews.


Understand your client and kick-off your new project!

UX Companion

A handy glossary of UX theories, tools and principles (iOS)

UX Project Checklist

The UX Design Process From A to Z

UX Recipe

Checklist to discover your next UX project tools/techniques

UX Research Field Guide

Your map to the world of UX research 🌏🕵️‍♀️

UX Starter Pack

Comprehensive guide to landing your first UX job


Video courses for designers

Veterinary Practice Manager

With Veterinary Practice Manager, veterinarians can effectively schedule all of their visits.


Curated list of tools and resources for people who make websites