15 Puzzle

The classic 15-puzzle now online

23 Alternatives To 15 Puzzle

100 Days of Wordplay

100 Day Project - 100 mini crossword puzzles


Alphabear is an original word puzzle game in which you spell words and collect cute bears whose…

Brain Errors

How exploitable is your brain?

Brain Pump

Random educational videos. Learn something new.

Bugged Word Search

A little game that will grow to BUG you

Bushido Bear

Defend your forest against endless waves of evil demons


Choosy opens links in different browsers as specified, according to rules, set by the user.

Creative Everywhere

Train your creative thinking with fun exercises 🧠

Explain Me Please

Complex topics explained for your level and background


Social community of digital nomads and remote workers


A gorgeous and chaotic puzzle game


Bite-sized courses delivered to your inbox every morning

Know Fast

Receive a short daily video that will expand your mind

Learn Anything

Search Interactive Maps to Learn Anything


Fun, private, secure photo party with your friends

Queer Qrosswords

22 LGBTQ+-themed crosswords for charity 🕵️‍♂️


Tanglet is a single player word finding game based on Boggle.

Two-page Term Sheet

Simple term sheet for early-stage venture capital financings

Venture Reads

The best resources created by VCs, Firms, and Angels


A friendly place for helping others


Wordbase - the fun, addictive and challenging game of words and letters for iPhone!


recALL is a free password and license key recovery program designed by Keit that works on the Windows platform. recALL performs a deep scan of your computer and attempts to recover as many license keys as it can… read more.