Data GIF Maker by Google

Google’s new tool turns boring data into GIFs!

18 Alternatives To Data GIF Maker by Google



Aggregate data from many web-sources into one collection

Boomerang by Instagram

Create and share 1-second video loops

Clips by Fly Labs

The simplest mobile video editor in the world


Create animated GIFs from Emojis right in your browser


Make your Product Hunt thumbnail stand out with a custom GIF

GIFMaker for Mac

GIFMaker – Created a GIF from a video or Images is the easiest way to create an animated GIF on your Mac.


GIFmaker gives you the freedom and flexibility to create unique, professional GIFS that are on-brand, on your own!


The easiest way to create GIFs on your iOS device


Search through a library of hundreds of GIFs that you can send in your messages or that you can share to social media pages.


Make your friends laugh with personalized GIFs

JetPack Data

JetPack Data proposes an intuitive data analytics and visualization platform geared for ’the common man’. Using advanced Machine learning techniques, JetPack Data does the analysis for you and not the otherway around!

Live GIF

Convert live photos to GIF

Product Hunt GIF Maker

As simple as it sounds, create a GIF for a Product Hunt Post

Sprinkles by Microsoft

A smart camera with fun ideas 🍩


Tool for effectively converting videos to Gifs


TextMagic is a business text-messaging service for sending notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and SMS marketing campaigns.


UltraSMSScript is a business text messaging & SMS marketing self-hosted software platform where you only pay a 1-TIME fee for the software and the WHOLESALE costs of texts. Start your own white label SaaS SMS Marketing business.