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21 Alternatives To Founderkit


BetaList provides an overview of upcoming internet startups. Discover and get early access to the future.


Find out the technology behind websites

Hunter TechLookup

Create lists of websites by technology for free

Office for Mac

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

Office for Tablets

Get Microsoft Office on your Android tablet

Shopify Pay

Give shoppers a fast, secure way to pay

Side Project Stack

Get the best tech stack to make your next Indie Maker App

StartUp Dash

The entrepreneurship game for kids and adults

Startup Mixtape

A directory of the best business podcast episodes ever

Startup with Google

Tools to help with your new startup

The New iPad Air

Apple’s refreshed iPad Air, thinner and with pencil support

The Startup Chat Podcast

Hiten and Steli’s unfiltered insights and actionable advice.

Visual Studio Live Share

Real-time collaborative development


Webspotter is a lead-generation tool and a website database. With its help, you can learn about all the technologies installed on a particular site


edocr is a document marketplace to facilitate free lead generation, SEO visibility, and document selling.