Happy Scale

Happy Scale is a simple to use weight loss tracking and fitness maintaining the application for the smartphone users.

18 Alternatives To Happy Scale



A big trend in today’s world is health and fitness, particularly in recording nutritional information. There are several options available to achieve this result.

Droid Weight

Droid Weight is a simple, easy to use, free android weight tracking app that helps you keep a…


Get the most out of your runs, walks, rides, and more with our top rated fitness tracker and personal training app. With Endomondo, you can track all of your workouts using GPS, check your stats, and reach your fitness goals.


Eventuslife is a doctors and chemist’s finder app. We help you get online appointments of Dentist, physician, Pediatrician, Gynecologist, Ophthalmologists etc.


Fitocracy is a social network that turns exercise into a cooperative and competitive exercise with friends, rivals, and strangers.


Online resource for comprehensive information about physicians and hospitals

Libra - Weight Manager

Libra lets you monitor your weight with a trend line, share charts and sync your progress with the…

Net Pro Referral

Net Pro Referral helps you build a referral network for your business or practice.


Sync your timeline across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Mute tweets by user, hashtag, tweet source, or keywords (including regex). 3rd Party support for image, video, read later, and timeline sync services.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is the best weight monitoring application that is designed to assist the users to not only lose their weight but also score benefits that go beyond seeing a smaller number on the scale.


WeightDrop is an easy to use BMI control and weight tracker app that brings workable workouts and diet plans that assist its users in reducing their weight.


Zocdoc is the beginning of a better healthcare experience for millions of patients every month. Find doctors you love, read real reviews, book appointments instantly, and more.


openScale is an open source app to keep easily log of your body metrics which supports various…