Maker Blogs

The best blogs written by makers across the web.

20 Alternatives To Maker Blogs

500 Makers

An updated list of the Top 500 Makers on Product Hunt

A Hacker’s Day

Interviews with developers and entrepreneurs about their day

Amity Communities

Discuss trending topics, news, and live events in real-time


Easy online meetings, video conferencing and screenshare.


Interesting people to follow on Twitter

Founder Rewind

Watch interviews of founders in their early days ⏪

Founders Choice

Sharing the best startups and helping you build your own

Freelance TV

Collection of stories and interviews on freelancing


Create complete cheer

Indie Hackers

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, developers, and bootstrappers who are sharing the strategies and revenue numbers behind their companies.

Maker Mag

The first magazine for indie makers. 🚀

Maker Rank

Your favorite makers, ranked 👩‍🎤

Maker Spotlight

Discover a new prolific maker each week 🛠🔦


Like a user-editable IMDB for product makers

Nertivia - Chat Client

Chat with friends or anyone around the world, free gif and emoji support.

Repo Lovers

An online magazine interviewing talented developers 👨‍💻

Social Pomodoro

Meet an accountability buddy for 25 minutes of focused work.

The Makers Book 2017

50+ top Makers stories for free


Create beautiful & simple directories for your community.


Prototype and share changes to your site with no coding