Maker Goals

A new way to manage your Product Hunt goals

20 Alternatives To Maker Goals

500 Makers

An updated list of the Top 500 Makers on Product Hunt

Connected Heroes

Find your next move with like-minded entrepreneurs

EmojiCalendar by Planable

The summer marketing calendar you need

Hunters Globe

See what Product Hunt community’s upvoting, around the globe

Maker Goal Telegram Bot

Manage your Product Hunt maker goals with a Telegram Bot

Maker Goals Menubar

Manage your goals from your desktop and support other makers

Maker Rank

Your favorite makers, ranked 👩‍🎤

Makerlog Menubar

Log your tasks openly, faster than ever before! 🔥🚢

Nice To Hunt You

A simple way to network with other Product Hunters 😸


Let people know about your launch on Product Hunt

ProfitWell Engagement

Free product usage analytics for teams who care about growth

The Un-official Messenger Button

Facebook Messenger button for your website/app