Make better inventory decisions with NETSTOCK’s intuitive, cloud based, inventory management software.

18 Alternatives To Netstock


a simple service for you to organize an anonymous survey or vote among your colleagues or friends.

AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform

Prescriptive analytics modeling and optimization software is at the core of AIMMS technology.

Acumatica Material Requirements Planning

Find out how to maintain optimal inventory levels and avoid shortages with material requirements planning systems (MRP) from Acumatica.


API service and dashboard for identity verification

CargoWise One

Fleet Management and Logistics


CatalogForce is a product information management solution that provides tools to help organize products in a centralized database with separate style from content, and a variety of formats are supported.

Demand Chain Management

Demand Planning


Powerful Inventory Optimization. MADE SIMPLE !


FutureMargin is a software solution for retail and e-commerce merchants which helps clients optimize their demand planning goals.


GAINSystems offers supply chain optimization and demand planning solutions.


Demand forecasting and optimization software - prevent stockouts, reduce excess stock and maximize your inventory ROI.


JDA offers supply chain planning and execution solutions for retailers, manufacturers, logistics providers and wholesale distributors.

JDA Demand

Set the stage for profitability — by understanding true demand and synchronizing the supply chain to fulfill it.

JDA Demand Planning

Increase demand visibility across your entire trading network — and arrive at one accurate, synchronized forecast.


Business planning made easy. LivePlan includes hundreds of sample business plans, easy financial forecasting, and produces professional results that “wow” lenders and investors. Read Liveplan reviews below.

Manhattan Planning Solutions

Manhattan’s Planning Solutions are designed to enable and get in front of demand, blending both channel-specific and omni-channel capabilities to ensure the right products are offered to customers.

Park City Group VMI

VMI is a demand forecasting software that helps to manage trading relationships and improve customer service at the store level.


Demand forecasting & inventory optimization