Omnigo ensures a safer tomorrow by delivering security management, incident reporting, and public safety software for law enforcement, education, dispatch, and more

17 Alternatives To Omnigo



Cloud-based two-way emergency notifications and monitoring. Send notifications via text, voice, email, app push notifications, social, conference call, and custom channels.

AtHoc Alert

Emergency Notification

Blue Iris

Blue Iris is a high end security monitoring system that lets you view and control the feeds from all the cameras at your home or place of business.

C-CURE 9000

C-CURE 9000 integrates with the Lynx system, providing a cost-effective way to initiate emergency notifications campus wide.


Call or send messages to friends and family members as well as other people who are online. The app allows you to create a message and send it out to multiple devices and pages.

LexisNexis Citation

LexisNexis® Communities


Collaborate effortlessly on projects. Whether you’re a team of 5 or studio of 50, Lighthouse will help you keep track of your project development with ease.

Mass Notification

Globally send rule-based, real-time mass notifications to people or groups via 100+ delivery methods. Incident communication at its finest. Learn more!

Rave Alert

Rave Alert is a multi-modal emergency notification system used by state and local governments, colleges, hospitals and universities.


Emergency and Mass notification solution allowing businesses to easily send out voice, text, or…

SMS Notify!

SMS Notifications are text messages sent in response to events or transactions. Often used for marketing, organization and public safety purposes.


Safetymint is a SaaS-based safety management software that helps organizations digitize and streamline their safety processes. Safetymint modules include Incident and Near Miss Management, Safety Audit Management, Permit to Work System and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA).

Silvertrac Software

Real-time incident reporting software, guard tour system, and security officer management for in-house & contract security teams.