Perspective Cards

Can we solve tech’s diversity problem with a few clicks?

22 Alternatives To Perspective Cards


Highlighting inspiring Black designers in industries.

Creative Everywhere

Train your creative thinking with fun exercises 🧠


Vetted and honest VC reviews for diverse founders

Female Founder Stories

A collection of interviews with Y Combinator’s female alumni


Personal diversity and inclusion AI-coach for managers


Popular brands ranked by gender equality in leadership


Increase Productivity with Meeting Notes Tool. More effective minutes, Prepare Agenda, Collaborative Notes & Action Items.


Officevibe is an employee survey platform with the mission of improving company culture. Measure and improve your culture in less than 5 minutes per month, with our simple surveys.


Join simple, anonymous conversations on any topic (mobile)

Project Include

True diversity is inclusive, comprehensive, and measurable.

Super Meat Boy

Let’s start with what’s the same: Dr. Fetus is still a jerk, gameplay is super challenging but fair, there are tight controls and great levels and you will die. a lot.

Techies Project

Comprehensive pictures of people who work in tech


Textio is a software where the user can get guidance on how to write the best hiring advertisement for people to submit their resumes for a job and to get the best results… read more.

Treehouse TalentPath

Create and retain diverse engineering talent

Tu Carga

Free board of Truckloads, Best place for shippers to post loads and for truckers to get loads

Unbias Me

Reducing unconscious bias in reviewing job candidates.