Refiner is a customer survey tool built specifically for SaaS, eCommerce and Membership sites. Our simple and beautiful survey widgets get you the responses you need to grow your business - on brand and perfectly timed.

With Refiner you can ask your users any question while they are using your product. This is the moment when they are the most engaged and trust your brand. Unbeatable response rates and highly accurate data guaranteed!

Gradually profile your users, trigger ultra-personalized nurturing campaigns, uncover great sales opportunities, research what to build next, measure customer satisfaction (CSAT), net promoter score (NPS), or customer effort score (CES). Refiner comes packed with all the survey tools you need to gain actionable insights.

Refiner integrates into your existing marketing & sales stacks seamlessly. Our integrations allow you to sync survey responses to the tools you already use in real time, such as your CRM, email marketing automation platform, your backend API or good old Excel.

Refiner helps you to understand who your users really are, what they need and how you can help them achieve their goals. Get started for free today and increase conversion & retention rates with better customer data.

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22 Alternatives To Refiner


We provide 360 Degree Feedback, employee engagement surveys, and customer satisfaction assessment software. Best Online survey software: Ascendus 360


Atera offers remote IT monitoring & management, ticketing and customer satisfaction surveying.


CloudRatify is SaaS based application for survey and customer feedback for all consumer products.

Customer Thermometer

The only customer satisfaction survey you can answer directly from your inbox. Industry leading response rate email feedback. Never lose another customer.


Real-time customer feedback and survey management solution.


Automate your business process for Sales Teams, Field Audits, Mass Surveys, Customer Verification, Customer On-boarding, Field Inspections and Product Servicing & Repairs


Gather customer feedback. Capture leads. Create a contact form. Survey event attendees. And much, much more. Start your free trial now.


Customer satisfaction surveying to deliver customer experiences, gather feedback, track performance, and share reviews and testimonials.


The easy way to collect honest feedback from your employees and customers. Increase employee engagement and customer satisfaction with Honestly’s simple but smart all-in-one software: Create surveys, collect feedback and gain actionable insights.

Kai Analytics

Kai Analytics and Survey Research Inc. is a Vancouver-based market research firm using machine learning techniques to help companies understand thousands of open-eded customer feedback responses.


Build a free no-coding chatbot to converse with your customers to increase leads and sales, assist support, conversational ecommerce, surveys, B2B lead gen


Osurv is a mobile customer feedback survey platform.


Create professional online surveys - fast, easy, and free. Online survey software, customer satisfaction, market research, employee satisfaction surveys

Reputon Customer Reviews for Shopify

Facebook, Trustpilot, Yelp, Google reviews. Survey & Feedback.


A sentiment analysis API for customer surveys


SightMill: Innovative Net Promoter Score Survey Software For Web, Email and Event Customer and Employee Feedback

Survey Analytics

Enterprise customer research platform


SurveySensum is an Ai-Enabled Experience Management Platform that helps brands to decode customers’ feedback into actionable insights.


Wootric is software that allows apps and websites to take customer satisfaction surveys so that you can properly gauge the popularity and success of your app through the eyes of the people using it.


Get Customer feedback with simple one-click or NPS surveys


Customer experience feedbacks survey through chatbots.


Sessionly helps you to visualize the customer journey with different tools like Heatmaps, Sessions, Polls, Surveys, Feedback in one tool.