Sandbox Banking

Sandbox operates as a middle-layer between fin-tech providers and legacy banking systems.

15 Alternatives To Sandbox Banking


Aspekt Microfinance Software

Top Management Streamline planning and MFI’s performance through improved strategic decision process Operations Observe the operational perspective of the loan process by improving client experience Finance & Accounting Benefit from integrated & aut…


ETRONIKA provides award winning Omnichannel Digital Banking platform for banks and other FI, Smart Retail and Identity solutions that takes you step ahead in digital transformation.


IDEALINVENT provides technology solutions that enable your bank to embrace future banking practices with absolute ease. Core banking operations simplified.


Banksoft, Modern banking environment, The power of the information technology has a strong continuous growth. Data processing speeds are expressed in nanoseconds and data transfers in billions of characters per second.


KoenigFinance is a universal tool for building modern automated financial systems: banks, corporate treasuries, payment and billing systems.


The leading alternative to cumbersome core banking systems, powering innovative banking and lending. Mambu is a cloud-native solution, delivered as a service, the driving force behind modern API-enabled ecosystems.


Versatile, open source technology for microfinance - Lean, agile and free software

SAFE Advanced Solutions

Firco Screening Insight - for accounts is a feature-rich platform that provides advanced account screening & alert management by leveraging AI techniques.


Our SaaS fintech platform enables banks to increase the relevance, precision and flexibility of product and pricing strategies, enhancing growth, efficiency, regulatory compliance and the customer experience.