Software Product Management Stack

Resources & tools to help you manage your software product

23 Alternatives To Software Product Management Stack

Customer Feedback Portal

Ask customers what you should build next


Be a better developer. Daily bite-sized videos on new tech.

Feedback Tools

Curated directory of tools for getting all the feedback

Incoming Feedback by Hotjar

Instant visual feedback for your website or app!

Instabug for Product Managers

Collect and understand user feedback

Intercom on Product Management

The ultimate resource for aspiring product managers

Product Management Exercises

A repository of product manager job interview exercises

Product Manager Handbook

Interviews w/ product managers + weekly newsletter

Product Managers Job Satisfaction

How to become a better product manager

Product Snacks

Bite-sized learning cards for product managers

Shipit Automation Tool

Universal automation and deployment tool ⛵️

Startup Stash

A curated directory of 400 resources & tools for startups

Stash of List

Curated list of all stash sites and lists


Collect, organize & share insights that inspire action

Sunsama Product Manager Kit

A daily planner for PMs, now integrated w/ Trello/Asana/Jira


User feedback in 1 simple overview 🔥

Whimsical Sticky Notes

Visual project management using sticky notes