Startup School

How to start a startup, by Y Combinator

21 Alternatives To Startup School

Apply to YC (Y Combinator)

Curated collection of resources for founders applying to YC.


The most powerful network for women in tech.

HandUp Gift Cards

Give directly to a homeless neighbor on the street

Indie Hackers Community

Work together to build profitable businesses & side projects

Lemonade Stand Picture Book

Teaching kids how to think like an entrepreneur!

Maker Cardz

Inspiring kids with cards of successful entrepreneurs 🙏

Office Hours Cards

Flashcards to prepare you for your Y Combinator interview


Remote jobs in Europe delivered to your inbox bi-weekly

StartUp Dash

The entrepreneurship game for kids and adults

Startup Launch List

A​rticles you need to read before launching a startup.

Startup Mixtape

A directory of the best business podcast episodes ever

Startup School Radio

Stories on starting, funding & scaling w/ YC’s Aaron Harris

Startup Video Academy

Learn from the best startup leaders

The Y Combinator Database

The definitive database of YC companies with all the metrics

Tuemilio MVP Validator Toolkit

Email forms and referral waiting lists for indie makers

Unicorn Republic

List of startups that evolved into $1 billion+ corporations


Unlock a donation when you pass a homeless person in NYC

Y Combinator Companies

Interactive list of all 1000+ YC companies

Y Combinator Podcast

Y Combinators new podcast on starting a startup

YC World

Explore Y Combinator companies by country


A census of Y Combinator startups and their founders