Table Styles for G Suite

Apply a uniform style to your tables in one click; add your own custom style templates

10 Alternatives To Table Styles for G Suite


DocSecrets for G Suite

Encrypt and hide sensitive information, share censored documents or collaborate securely.


Try DocuSign’s interactive signing demo now! Send yourself an electronic document to digitally sign using our e-signature service.

DocuSign for G Suite

Send and sign your documents with DocuSign!

GTasks for G Suite

Lets you to manage your Google Tasks from Docs allowing you to tackle your to-do list.

Gmail Merge for G Suite

Send personalized emails from Gmail to your contacts. Include different attachments for each recipient, schedule emails for sending later, cc and bcc support, track email opens, bounced messages and URLs.

Kami for G Suite

Your Digital Classroom Hero


Self-Service Reporting Without Leaving Your Spreadsheet Connect any spreadsheet to any data source and let your business employees do all of their work where they are most effective.

Lumin PDF for G Suite

Open, edit and share PDF and Office files in your browser.

Power Tools for G Suite

A set of 30+ solutions for daily tasks in Google Sheets.

SignRequest for G Suite

Sign yourself or get documents signed Easy, secure, legally binding and free. SignRequest helps you sign online.