Figma plugin to set screen sizes with market share in mind

22 Alternatives To Viewports


Awesome Design Plugins

All design plugins for Sketch, AdobeXD, Figma.

Design Lint

A design linting plugin for Figma.

Distorted Button Effects

Highly experimental distortion effects for buttons

Easometric Figma Plugin

With Easometric it’s really easy to create isometric layers.

Figma Chat

Chat together in a shared figma file

Figma Content Buddy

Figma plugin for replacing text content in multiple layers

Figma Dither

Add dithering effects to your images right there in Figma ✨

Figma Font Replacer

Plugin to handle your font families and styles in Figma

Figma Map Maker

Figma plugin to generate map, supporting Google Maps, Mapbox

Figma Plugins

Extend Figma with plugins. Easy to create. 1-click install.

Figma Sort It

Figma Plugin to sort Frames and Layers by name.

Figma Super Tidy

Figma plugin to easily align, rename and reorder your frames

Marionette Studio

Marionette Studio is an online animation software for beginners and professionals. Animate 2D characters and environments in minutes with no prior skills.

Method Wireframe Kit

Find your method of being incredibly fast in prototyping.


The most stunning HTML5 app for creating resolution-independent SVG mockups, wireframes & interactive prototypes for your next project

Snap to Grid Figma Plugin

Canvas elements will snap to the grid when moving/scaling!

Substrate for text

Figma plugin to highlight text by adding a cool substrate


Unsplash is a website with high-quality free HD images. It has a catalog of more than three hundred thousand striking images that are neatly organized with tags. Read more about Unsplash.

Unsplash for Figma

Millions of beautiful free images baked right into Figma 🖤

Wireframe Deck of Cards

A physical way to build and revise website and app layouts