Curated list of jobs and internships in AI Industry 🤖

13 Alternatives To Worfor


AI Jobs

Find awesome jobs in AI or computer vision

Algolia Personalization

Give your users a personalized experience

Future Jobs

Discover machine learning, AI, and data science jobs

Hacker Hiring Hunt

Easily search HN Hiring threads for your next role or hire

Hire Tech Ladies

Connecting women with the best jobs in tech

Hire a BuzzFeeder

Find BuzzFeed people laid off and looking for a new job


A direct pipeline to top female tech talent

Job Collections by AngelList

Job opportunities from YC companies, female founders, & more


A modern web app for hiring. Lever is a simple, powerful way to manage lists of candidates during the hiring process.


Innovative video interviewing

Women Who Design

A twitter directory of accomplished women in design