Giftbit Payment API

Stripe for gift cards

23 Alternatives To Giftbit Payment API

ACH payments with Stripe

Accept bank payments with a few lines of code.

Best Buds

The best gifts for best friends 🎁

Christmas Gifts for Designers

Have you already sent gifts for your design buddies?

Circle for iMessage

Send a payment to anyone in the world via iMessage

Connect Payouts by Stripe

Onboard and payout recipients quickly, with less manual work


Credit card that helps tame subscriptions and conquer fraud


Find curated gift ideas from +500 stores near your location

Giftcard Zen

Buy a gift card at a discount

Google Payment API

Enable an easy-to-use checkout experience for customers

HandUp Gift Cards

Give directly to a homeless neighbor on the street


Quickly find the perfect gift!


All-in-one gift and rewards cards for local shops.


A simple, no-fee credit card


The easiest way to save money on the go

Recurring Payments

No need to create invoices. No need to remind clients to pay

Spark Gift

Give the gift of stocks and index funds to friends & family

Stripe Billing

A set of tools for billing and subscriptions

Stripe Elements

Beautiful, smart checkout flows 💳💸

Token for Web

Your professional gifting assistant

Tuemilio MVP Validator Toolkit

Email forms and referral waiting lists for indie makers


Unlock a donation when you pass a homeless person in NYC


Payment checkout for freelancers

YC Gift Ideas

Holiday gift ideas from Y Combinator