YC Gift Ideas

Holiday gift ideas from Y Combinator

22 Alternatives To YC Gift Ideas

Best Buds

The best gifts for best friends 🎁

Bouquet Bar

Mix & match candy, flowers & candles in custom gift boxes 🎁

Call for Gift Ideas

Find the perfect gift idea every time

Christmas Gifts for Designers

Have you already sent gifts for your design buddies?


Find curated gift ideas from +500 stores near your location


Crowdfunded gift-giving and gift concierge

Giftbit Payment API

Stripe for gift cards

HandUp Gift Cards

Give directly to a homeless neighbor on the street


Quickly find the perfect gift!

My Friends Love Gifts

Find the best gifts for all your friends birthdays

Podcast Gift

A curation of the best podcasts in business, design and tech

Spark Gift

Give the gift of stocks and index funds to friends & family

Token for Web

Your professional gifting assistant


Unlock a donation when you pass a homeless person in NYC


Create a wonderful digital gift & discover freebies 🎁