Talent marketplace for tech’s gender & diversity gap

18 Alternatives To STEAMrole

2019 Diversity in the Workplace

An independent D&I report on 10 companies from 10 countries


Highlighting inspiring Black designers in industries.

Cultural Fit

A collaborative list of corporate cultural traits


Vetted and honest VC reviews for diverse founders

Female Founder Stories

A collection of interviews with Y Combinator’s female alumni


Popular brands ranked by gender equality in leadership

People Of Color In Tech

Interviews and articles by people of color in tech.

Perspective Cards

Can we solve tech’s diversity problem with a few clicks?

Project Include

True diversity is inclusive, comprehensive, and measurable.

Simple Radio

Simple Radio by Streema is the simplest way of listening to your favorite AM/FM radio stations!

Techies Project

Comprehensive pictures of people who work in tech

Treehouse TalentPath

Create and retain diverse engineering talent


Discover diverse Twitter users & get more followers 🌈

Unbias Me

Reducing unconscious bias in reviewing job candidates.


Declarative performance for Kubernetes

Women Who Startup Radio

A podcast to celebrate, connect & empower women who startup


Manage all your cryptocurrencies in one place